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Creativity and technological innovation.


Ezio Terragni patents Servetto®, the accessory facilitating access to the top of your wardrobes.


After the patent and the first models, Ezio founds Servetto Snc to market the product. The company takes part in its first trade fair: Sasmil (Milan), where it showcases Servetto with the slogan “the lift in the wardrobe”.


Aware of the product’s potential, Ezio and Sandra decide to invest in an international fair. In May, Servetto participates in the the first Interzum (Cologne) and Servetto is launched worldwide. Since then, Servetto has always been part of Interzum.


Servetto commits to improving the product in its finest details, making it a reliable and proven accessory.


A turning point for Servetto: the company decides to invest in its first automated line for the production of Servetto.


Thanks to its solutions, Servetto is selected for the Compasso d’oro award.


During this decade Servetto takes part in trade fairs all over the world: Germany, United States, Hong Kong, China, France, Bahrain, Denmark, South America, Spain, Greece, Austria and Russia. There is a rapid growth in the industry of wardrobe accessories and Servetto launches the Self System line: now ties, scarves and belts can be orderly organized in the wardrobe.


The Company develops the first electric Servetto: these are the company’s first steps in the home automation industry.


Servetto gets its first ISO 9001 certification (renewed yearly) thanks to its enduring efforts towards quality in the field of production and company operations.


The product offering is further increased with the launch of the Servettocose line of decorative design accessories.


Patenting of Motion-V, a futuristic system of opening and closing for wardrobe doors: Servetto movement gets horizontal.


Presentation of Motion-V in its single-arm version for small doors applications: launch of Motion-V VS. The most innovative version of Electric Servetto (CE marking), Model 3, is marketed with a new design and advanced electronics.


Servetto presents Servetto 3T: the first minimalist cushioned pull-down lift, product of the company’s non-stop quest for innovation and cutting-edge solutions.


Interzum Guangzhou: the company attends the Chinese iteration of Interzum for the first time, an opportunity for continuing development in the Asian markets.


Presentation of the Custom Made range: new materials, finishes and production technologies. This is how Servetto responds to the market’s growing demand for customisation: we are now able to produce special finishes on request, designed ad hoc for the customer.


Servetto is acknowledged by Koelnmesse for its 40th appearance at the Interzum of Cologne (Germany).
Servettocose evolves digitally: the Servetto Cose e-commerce site is born. It is now possible to get a functional designer product delivered to your door at the click of a button.


Servetto Elettrico gets an upgrade: Servetto i3 is born. New electronics and functionalities for the motorised pull-down lift.


In 2021 Servetto launches Papillon: the new range of accessories for the lower part of the wardrobe.


100% Made in Italy
Servetto has always relied on Italian excellence all the way from engineering (originally carried out by Italian designers and now assigned to internal personnel) to production, which takes place in Bovisio Masciago (MB), Italy.

The company has always been quality-oriented, from the selection of raw materials to production, which is carried out by highly skilled personnel. Thanks to its continuous strive for quality, Servetto has been renewing its ISO 9001 certification continually since 1999.

Industry leader
Thanks to its continuous research and development, the company has long been the leader in the industry of wardrobe accessories. Servetto has been patenting new products since 1968, becoming a landmark in the industry.

Servetto believes in constant innovation and is investing continuously to improve its products and create new solutions fulfilling its clients’ needs.

Italian excellence abroad
Servetto has a worldwide presence in 46 countries through its highly skilled distributors.


Automatic production line for Self System